Easing your transition to Hybrid IT

Businesses are changing. Unstoppable data growth, high energy costs, cuts in IT budgets and the ever-increasing expectation to align business and IT. Now more than ever it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the perfect blend of cost-efficiency and performance whilst mitigating risk and increasing operational efficiency.

Our Cloud experts can help you develop an IT strategy that’s right for your business. Together with oshosh see how combining legacy systems with in-house and public cloud deployments can give you sought-after agility, flexibility and focus without compromising production workloads.

We believe in working with what you have, to take your business where it needs to go. That’s why we design solutions based on the optimal blend of traditional physical legacy environments and new public and private cloud services, for seamless implementation and successful application delivery.

Based on a proven process of discovery, design, build and run, our consulting and strategy services include:
• Hybrid IT Strategy and Roadmap – Building on your outline case for change, we will work with you to produce a robust adoption plan, underpinned by a sound business case and benefits realization plan.
• Application and Infrastructure blueprinting – enables our customers to gain a better understanding of the interdependencies between its applications, architecture and infrastructure to aid recovery and transition planning.
• Infrastructure Optimization Assessments – the outcomes of this service are objective evaluations and recommendations regarding appropriate levels of protection for data resiliency and infrastructure optimization, while targeting a reduction in both capital and operating expenses.

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