Assisting your individual journey to the Cloud.

There’s no “right” journey to the cloud: only the right journey for you. No other organisation has exactly the same combination of business priorities, security considerations, constraints or comfort levels as yours, nor the same mix of hardware, applications and legacy systems.
That’s why we’ll tailor an enterprise-grade solution that securely integrates your existing infrastructure with public, private and managed cloud environments, and deliver a hybrid IT service to meet your specific workloads, budget and risk appetite. Our consultants will assess the cloud-readiness of your systems and data, and help you plan a smooth migration to the cloud. Of course, as the pioneers of managed availability, all our cloud solutions are designed for extreme resilience, but you can also opt for mission critical services to be delivered across multiple sites.
Simply subscribe to the compute power and storage you require today, in the knowledge that our vast resource pool will give you the flexibility you need tomorrow and beyond. Provision resources as need dictates through your dedicated customer portal, for development, test, core or mission-critical workloads. Our skilled engineers professionally review every change request to ensure the continued integrity of the live environment.

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