OSHOSH partner only with suppliers of quality IT equipment, a selection of whom are given below.

Visit the Apple websiteApple – We can provide and support Apple-based system and networks. Full details available at our Apple Support page.

Visit the Symantec websiteSymantec – Providers of antivirus and backup solutions for servers, laptops, computers and workstations.

Visit the Novastor websiteNovastor – Used for backup solutions for workstations, computers, laptops and servers.

Visit the Epygi websiteEpygi – Providers of Internet Telephony solutions including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). More details available on the VoIP Telephone Systems page.

Visit the Netgear websiteNetgear – Providers of IT Network Hardware.

Visit the Linux websiteLinux – Open-source operating system currently used in Apple Mac Networks as an alternative to Windows.

Visit the Microsoft websiteMicrosoft – We can help with the purchase, installation and settings of Microsoft server, collaboration and desktop solutions.

Visit the Sage websiteSage – As an authorised Sage dealership we can provide new purchases and upgrades together with training and support.

Visit the Fujitsu websiteFujitsu – Providers of servers, laptops, computers and workstations.

Visit the MDaemon websiteMDaemon – Used to provide company-wide email and collaboration systems for SME.

Visit the HP websiteHP – Our preferred suppliers for printers.

Visit the Kaspersky websiteKaspersky – We use Kaspersky to provide antivirus protection for servers, workstations, computers and laptops.