Global developments in relation to ICT have placed enormous pressures and challenges on the Nigerian government. Governments in both developed and developing nations are using ICT to streamline their functions according to the needs of the citizens. At the same time, they are striving to improve their productivity by improving the quality of governance while reducing costs.

The challenge of service delivery in Nigeria lies in implementation and the management thereof. The policy and regulatory frameworks required to enable improved access to and quality of services, are largely in place. The focus of attention of Government is increasingly upon developing the systems, processes and mechanisms for reaching all sectors of Nigerian citizens, and to enable Government’s back-office to operate efficiently and to seamlessly interoperate. Critical systems in government are not inter-operable and this complicates the operation of Government to a huge extent, and also makes the cost of maintaining and developing system to be high.

OshOsh will work closely with Government in order to understand the business drivers, requirements, and the systems in operation in order to focus on successful delivery of solutions that will integrate into the define government wide information technology architecture.

OshOsh will, through the development and deployment of open source (OSS) IT Solutions, support the e-Government objectives of the country. E-Government solutions will be strategic in nature and projects that are key in lowering costs, increasing productivity and enabling a citizen centric public service will be supported.